28mm carb jetting

had a quick look on the board but buggered if i’m trolling through 6o odd posts.

210 mallosi, 28mm PHBH carb, reed valve, machined head, SIP exhaust, does anyone have a good starting point for jetting?



I have no experience with 28 and Malossi 210. Generally put 30 and up. Depending on the tune level.
Anyway as starting point, with reed ,ported cases, and expansion exhaust, I would say 140. So get few smaller and few bigger main jet then this.

i’ve got both 28 & 30mm so i though i’d start low, but i’ll pop the 30mm on and give that a go, i now that’s got a 138 main jet in that. just as long as i don’t have to fart around with the clip setting, slide angle, etc, tec, etc!!![:’(]