28/30mm carb

anybody know which carb would be better on a 210 malossi kit, the phb28mm or the phb30mm. in terms of performance and fuel consumption.

hmmm hey robbi, just a short question…what has the exhaust to do with the size of the exhaust…?

as far as I know, the better way to cool down the cylinders with fresh air is to use an greater carb…and you use the sport exhaust to get better „running through“ for the fresh gas…right…?

But why you need an greater carb neccessarily with a sport exhaust…?

wrong train of thoughts??


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if you drive a sip performance exhaust,they need a bigger carb,because you get more rpm like the normaly ital.exhausts.this both parts a perfect combination,all the guys drive the Malossi with an 28 ore 30 mm crb. so long … cheers und prost [:drink:]

what exhaust do you use?
with the original exhaust you can use the original 24/24 SI.
but when you use a bigger exhaust than you better use the 30 phb with reed valve than you must to adapt the over-current on the engine mount.

good luck