26mm spakco carb

hi ive just put 26mm si carb on my non autolube p200 ive noticed its jetted for a standard p2 24 mm what size atomiser should i use is a be3 ok and ive put a 125 main jet in has i had a light seize using a 120 main ive set mixture at 2 turns out but its a fine thread on the screw will this matter cheers the exhurst is a simonin  all new seals and bearings in freshly built engine

The BE3 should be fine and the 125 main sounds OK.

I have an SI26 on my LML 150 with the 120 main.

I was told that the BE3 mixer/atomiser from the early P200 and Rally 200 was different to later versions.

I got a Rally 200 Be3 and compared it to the BE3 in my SI 26 and a mates PX 200 disc.

The 4 holes in the recessed area on the Rally BE3 are 1.5mm where the holes in the new BE3 are only 1mm.

I drilled my new BE3 to match the Rally BE3 and it improved mine even more.

You could try a Rally 200 BE3 to see if that helps and keep checking the plug til you get the main jet right.

cheers for carb advice buddy will give it a go