26mm SI Carb trouble

I got the 26mm SI carb from SIP and installed it on a P200E, stock except for a Sito Plus exhaust. The main jet is 109- I live at 6000 feet altitude.

When the scooter is really warm, it seems to almost stall at 3/4 to full throttle, like it is running out of gas, but after a few seconds it kicks back in. I checked the CDI box by trying a known good one, same problem. The bike did not do this with my old carb.

Any ideas?

main jet in a standard px200e is 118 and would probably need upjetting with a sito plus exhaust. Two stroke motors always run weak at altitude so i would try upjetting to maybe 122 or 125 and see how it goes. jets are inexpensive so buy an assortment and try out which is best[:dance3:] [:drink:]

sounds like it’s starving. The jets sounds too small. Best way to test this is to pull the choke out while you are riding. If it goes better you definitely need to go bigger.