24165000 Racing exhaust SIP ROAD on Rally 200 with Autolube - what main jet SiP Tech?

Hi guys, I have sold my SiP Road to a friend with a standard Rally 200 Autolube - what main jet should he use and also he has 2 air filters one is not drilled above the jet stack and the other has a 4 mm hole - which should he use ? I have told him I'll fit it and sort the jetting etc.

Any chance of some simple advice on one of your own products guys ? Sip Road exhaust on a standard rally 200 with autolube = what main jet size please ?

one month and no replies ??

Thank you Magnus and  - finally - SipTech ! I will use my drilled filter and start at 135 , do some plug chops and see what happens.

I think you might need to do some plug chops if you want to get this right. 


FYI, a friend with the same setup (but no holes in the air filter) runs a 120 main jet. I have holes in the air filter and run a 125 main jet. Recently I needed to upjet to 128 for some of that shitty E10 petrol in Sweden.


The rest of the jetting should be stock, just remember to tweak the a/f screw a little.



you should normally use about 10% higher jetting 122-130.


But If you are on sea level use a 132 or 135.


8mm Hole in the air cleaner bottom above the main Jet  is a must