24/63 gearing question

Right,a friend of mine is currantley building a motor and want’s to use this.

His spec. is-200 block,
Malossi 210,
Sito Plus,
Vortex carb,
HP4 flywheel with adapter and starter ring,
T5 4th,
Ported bottom end with a Readspeed crank.

I’m pretty sure the up-gear will prove too long in this set up,am I right?I’m guessing he’ll be in the 17 bhp range with that motor and I’ve suggested standard 'box with the T5 top and a Cosa 22 tooth.

Your thought’s please.

I tried mine with the malossi gear up kit(old style clutch) and p2 fourth, it would pull fourth, but just about!
this is on a cutdown, which helps! but with reedvalve/30mm and ported, gone to T5/125 fourth, still not perfect, but better!
so unless he’s willing to cut it down [:D] or put a lower profile tyre on I wouldn’t bother with the gear up kit!

Yup,thought as much 'dog.