24/24 float chamber cover, needle and spacer

can someone tell me what the difference is in the cosa float chamber cover and the 5.2mm needle. is this more than standard si24/24 carb spec ?

what is benefit of using the spacer ?


Tuned P2's can suffer with fuel starvation at high revs when the standard carb is fitted unmodified, basically the float chamber empties faster than the standard 4.5mm needle valve can allow it to refill itself. This is why the 'Cosa 200' 5.4mm float chamber valve was used as an upgrade by people like Terry Frankland at Taffspeed in the 90's, now of course we have a choice between that and the DRT modified item for een greater flow potential. The chamber spacers are simply to increase the float chamber capacity for pretty much the same reason , although the second part of the spacer kit which sits under the air filter does very slightly alter the carb characteristics as well.

I couldn't get my air filter to sit properly without using both spacers - I can't think of ny performance benefit though.

hamer, i,ve just received  my spacer for a 24/24 carb, i put both spacers on and scoot struggled to start and tickover, feels like it,s rich...is there any performance benefits too the use of the air filter packer