he’s ready now!!!

thank to sip fou most of the parts that i used…

pinaxco is a mix of Pinasco & PX [:D]

it’s a 1991 200 PX whith long stroke cranckshaft (60mm) and a Pinasco 213 kit whith the 2 side port opened the crankcases are port to match those new transferts ,the carb is a delorto 26 SI from a T5 (rebor by SIP) and the exaust is a RZ right hand
all the aluminium part are polished (even the cranckcase Dam!!)

it work great but i didn’t push it too far because i’ant done enough kilometer

Pinasco 225?

it’s the original cauz i’m using a Cosa clutche and the up gear is pretty expensive…[:(]

Hi dayz64,
Nice looking scoot.
Forgive me for my ignorance ,but what is a „Pinax 225“? I guess the 225 is the cc. What are your engine mods?

A Vespa-trainspotter.
Cheers Grimesy[:look:]

Hello, also I have a 225 Pinasco; I have Upgear kit MALOSSI Vespa PX200 (SIP Art.-Nr. 20301000) 24/63 and fourth gear 36 teeth instead 35 teeth, carb SI24E, exaust Sito like the original Piaggio.
What’s your primary, 24/63, 23/64 or the original 23/65?