210 with 60 mm

I know the main topic at the moment is malossi 210’s etc but there is obviously alot of people out there that need some prompting into spending there hard earned pennys in the best way.
I also have been scanning the threads in hope that someone could tip the balance of which tuning parts to buy.
I have decided on the malossi 210 , Y2K head , match the casings, up jet 24 carb , big pipe , uprate clutch , etc .
But my query is that im not sure weather to fit a 60 mm crank or not ?
Can anyone shed any light on the matter ???

scorpions need a t5 4th as they dont drop into 4th with high enough revs to pull it.even with the standard stroke i’d still use a t5 4th but im just a rev happy chappy.worth it

Cheers o mighty one !
I was gonna fit a T5 forth gear anyway but it would seem that maybe its only worth it with a longstroke crank.
At the mo i’m running a scorpion on the standard setup and they dont like the 3rd to 4th jump but if i keep the short stroke and fit everything else do you think that it will pull and hold in 4th ?

hello didge where you bin hiding.depending on what you want weather its balls out acceloration and speed or cruiseability with better torque and top end.a standard stroke gives better revs,shorter distance to travel round.longer stroke takes longer but with the port timing open longer and taking longer to go round its more torque.the pinasco is more suited to longstroke as the porting is more subtle.the malossi is better with standard stroke as it can rev harder which suits its large port configuration.having built and run both setups i’d stick with the standard stroke for malossi unless you want an everyday economical runner that can pull you/the missus/tent/kit to half a dozen rallies a year then go long stroke and fit a t5 4th