210 Problems

I have just fitted my Malossi 210 kit, bottom end tune, Sip pipe, standard carb, 130 main jet.
It started first time and the motor ticks over nicley.
When riding it it sounds like there is a metalic rattle in the head area ( i dont know if it is pinking as it seems to do it most of the time when the revs are up ). I have had the head machined by Chiselspeed and am not using a head gaskit as advised by them.
I have set the timeing as far anticlockwise as it will go, slightly past the IT mark.
What would cause the ‚tinkling ’ sound.
Also when i was pottering around, doing around 30 mph in 4th ( not realy advisable iknow ) it started to backfire and appear to start to stall. Is this a feature with the Malsooi kit, i know it is a high revver, or is it related to the other ’ problem‘ if it is one at all
Thanks Andy

Why don’t you use the gasket as they advise?If a specialist tuner/machinist does the work for you should follow their advice.

It sound’s a bit like pre-detonation to me which will be a mixture of a few thing’s,not least an overly high compression ratio.

Fit the gasket as Martin suggested and see how you get on.

There was a problem with fuel starvation, the reserve on the tank wasnt working. sorted that now, also have fitted the head gasket which has stopped most of the pinking. It only happens very occasionaly now. Have not strobbed it but i am going to get it Dyno’d just in case. I have spent quite a bit for it to all go tits up due to it not being set up right.
Thanks Andy

Is it fuel starvation?
How full is the tank?
plug colour?, what other jets?
Have you tried running with the choke on when it pinks?
Have you strobed it! and what colour is the bike?
best to know as much as possible to help!!!

Sorry Juank, they advised me not to use the gasket, thats why i am not using it. poor description by me.
what would causse the pre detonation