210 power issue

My 210 has been running for about 500 miles so far without a cough but it hates uphill in 4th and has a top end of 75mph on the flat as it's failing to reach 8000rpm (a guess but I mean higher revs).

It has flowed crank but not fully cut, 23 tooth clutch with a short 4th, JL Right Hand pipe, 24mm carb with 150 main jet and a lightened efl flywheel. It pulls through the gears well just fails into inclines and wind.

It's been suggested that a reed valve would be the next step but I'd like to be able to use it for distance and round town without drinking loads of gas. Any ideas? Cheers.....

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Cool thanks for information -  I'll do some searching/

I actually turned the bracket around on the exhaust and drilled the smaller slot so accomodate the Rear shock bolt - This has mved it down another 10 mm or so -I've also put a 15 mm extension on the top of the shock. The clearance is ok at the moment but I hav'nt tried it 2 up yet.

Your main jet is huge! - Ive got a 135 in and its slighlty rich- your set-up must be more efficient!


Rally Jim

Very straight forward... Take off your air filter(P2 24mm), go up 2 sizes on your main jet to start with,  fit the Vortex bellmouth and put on a T5 carb box top, the taller box top allows air to flow more freely. I'm no authority by any stretch but this worked for me althought the bhp increase is realistically nearer 1 but a very noticeable difference right through.

Vibrates like a bastard mine does. I keep thinking I've got pins and needles in me hands. I have been told that getting your crank balanced reduces the vibrations, i prefer to hang on tight and gaffer tape anything liable to fall off.

Mate thats really good of you thakyou.

Message me here or my mail is [email protected]

Where are you by the way?

I'm actually considering trying out 30 mm flatside on my scoot this weeeknd for a giggle. Ive had the carb in my shed for a year after buying it on a whim froom ScootRS. I will probably stick the 24 back on though for economy & reliability.

Did you upgrade your front spring on your Sprint? - I went for the chrome one from SIP - pretty hard!

Trying to source some uprated brake pads for my Rally now - Its turning into a 90mph scoot with zero stoping power! Was going to put PX/PK stylie forks in but iy ruins the bikes looks.

Thanks again Steve.

Rally Jim

Jimmer, If you can't get your hands on one of the bell mouths I can let you have the one I'm currently using as I'm getting another one 5mm shorter, probably in a few weeks though... Will pm or email you when I get it.

Yeh the main jet is big but using the 24mm it needs it, great for motorways ,getting 50 miles to the tank at least before I hit reserve cruising at around 68-70mph.





Just send it to [email protected]

Sorted!  Vortex bell mouth, 155 main jet and taller carb box top. 150 mile road test, pulls better, revs higher and holds power better up hills with about 1.5+ bhp increase and top end improvement of about 4/5mph…

Do any of you have a picture of a Vortex bellmouth, and/or a link to where to buy?


I looked thro my scootering magacines, but i cant find it, anywhere.

Is it something like these blue? http://www.stage6.dk/products/productlist.aspx?MenuItemID=290

(in the link, and about half way down)


And the carburator top, is it this article number SIP: 24761700


I have the same problem with my Malossi 210 - ScootRS SS exhaust, T5 4'th

That i need a big hill to get up in rpm in 4'th othervice i can only drive 100-105km/t on flat road (135 down hill)


use a clutch gear with 21 teeth. Be sure your problem is gone than.


Thanks Cobblers...

May I ask where do you get a vortex bell mouth & T5 carb cover? - Ive searched the site here but no cigar!

I may have a problem with fittong the taller carb cover - my suspension is so high to make sure the JL RH muffler does not the frame on a bumpy ride (Rally 200 frame),  that the carb top at the moment is altready v close to the hiitng the bodywork.

Yeah my ass is number as hell after 2 mins on the scoot - ive even rubber mounted the seat base but no change!



The T5 carburettor box top should be very easy to get hold of second hand/used, loads of them about and the way it's shaped is that the taller area is away from the frame. The Vortex bell mouth I got was made in the UK for a tuner otherwise it's a US company who's name I forget but it was in Scootering a few months back and it's mentioned on thread on this site(Stanley's I think).

I have a Sprint and the muffler has hit the frame a couple of times, you could file out the adjustable bracket on the shocker mount and that should give a bit more clearance. I hit a greasy roundabout yesterday and ended up on the floor with a huge dent in the muffler and the rivets torn out, it was shortened by 10mm re-fitted and clearance is no longer a problem. Painful but easy solution.


Try gaffer taping a sofa size bit of sponge to your seat!

Sugest your bigest problem could be the flywheel. losing torque into winds and hills i think if vespa thought it good allround to have a 1kg flywheel it would be very easy for them to produce one.

my set up is pinasco 215 long stoke crank 26mm carb pinasco exhaust does 70 to75 two up and 80 on my own main jet 120 70 to 80 to the gallon standard gearing hills no problem 5000 miles done so far

Cheers Paul,

The flywheel is a lightened efl one, the problem was carb related and now sorted. However, 70-80 mpg Holy Frickin Christ!!! I didn't even get that on a standard 200, unless of course you're riding really slow...[:)][:)]



Hi Cobblers,

I have a very similar set-up and problem in 4th - Can you explain you fix please - Vortex bell mouth? Taller Carb top box?

Also may I ask if your JL RH makes the scoot vibrate? Mine vibrates terribly & increases with the revs rather than road speed.

Comments from anyone appreciated.


Rally Jim

I ended up using PK forks and put a Bitubo shock on which not only looks nice it improves handling tenfold I'm not all that fussed about the original looks as I matt black it anyway. Next move is fitting a PX disc brake when I have the readies.

If you've got the 30mm get it reeded, power all round and if set up properly can be just as reliable, being a tight get though it'd sup too much juice for my liking.

I'll let you know when the other bell mouth comes in.


Steve (South Coast near Brighton)

This forum won't allow me to upload images so give me your email address and I'll send one through.