210 Porting

I currently have my standard 200 stripped down. I intend to buy a Malossi kit for it in a while but could i do the porting now whilst it is stripped down. Will it work if reasemmbled with the standard barrel and piston. Then when i’v enough money just replace with the Malossi kit.
If this is possible could i just use a base gasketfrom a 210 kit and work to that as a template for the porting

Thanks Andy

Basically,yes.The standard barrel will cover up your porting work so it should be fine if you stay quite mild.How advisable this is,however, I couldn’t really say.


Thanks for the replies and the info.
I went and bought the Malossi kit anyway ( coudnt wait ).
Just going to atempt the porting bit now, only mild though.
Cheers Andy

There’s info you might like in here.

It will not harm the engine if you do the transfers in the crankcase and drive with the standard barrel, I ported my crankcase for a Pollini barrel some years ago, and drive now with the standard barrel. Same differense.
If you are unsure that you don’t get the perfect match of the porting, by using the gasket as a template, make the cutouts slightly smaller.
When you get around to buy the Malossi kit you just bolt it on, it will make a differense.
The next time you strip it down, or if you not happy with the performance, you can make a perfect match of the transfers, as well as the modifications Diablo proposed.
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I think it will be fine but you arn’t really saving your self much time because you will have to modify the crank and inlet port for the malossi. This will have a detrimental effect if you do it before you fit the kit. Also it is good practice to have the tranfers welded up and recut but isn’t really neccesary so don’t worry too much about doing it. Its worth it for when your scrabbling for those extra bits of bhp but adds a lot of time onto a relatively simple job