210 malossi nightmare

can anybody out there give me a base setting to go on,my scoot has a standard card,simmoli? pipe,and the malossi 210 kit,it has a 25 main jet ,it is no faster than standard really,i put a modded head from taffspeed but this ran worse than the standard head,i seem to think i am just burning my money away for no more mph,cane anybody help me thanks

tommo, if you want the spec on my 210 which after a lot of pain now goes like a train mail me no problem.[:D]

sorry to sound stupid ,port? i was told by the dealer that it was just a bolt on and go job cheers for the reply


The cylinder head will most likely have had the compression reduced to help the motor run cooler not increase performance.

What is the acceleration like compared to standard?


tes please i would love the spec of you scoot that at least would give me a good set up cheers steve,my email is

[email protected] cheers again [:D]

Did you port the original engine case to match the new Malossi kit?

i’m not sure what you mean by base setting…

you can runthe 24/24e del’orto that came with your P, i assume it is a P we are talking about. you will need to re-jet though.
I think malossi sends a 135 main jet with the kit, you will probably need to come down tho as this seems a bit large…

you are going to want to retard your timing as well…

hope this helps

mailed you mate.