210 malossi kit+24mm si e delorto?

hi anyone help please on what jet to start with…my set up is malossi 210 kit match ported case, left hand side jim lomas pipe and a 24/24mm si E delorto carb.

have a 24/24mm si G T5 CARB also but advised to stick with the 24/24mm E but if have the best setting for it please let me know. cheers!

hi pierre thanks so much for the tip, ill try to get them from sip. what i have now is 120,122,125 and 130, i tried them all but it seems thy are all the same, 125 seems to be the best, 130 is dark brown when i plug chopped on 3/4 throttle. 125 is nice coffe brown.cheers!

hi thanks again, i have a mazzuchelli longstroke 60mm but had problem when i installed it, maybe wrong installation because it cause damage on my inlet port so i have to tig weld the damage and never put back the mazzuchelli obviuosly got scared :slight_smile: so now im using the stock but not cut cranckshaft…you think i really need a race crank? what particular race crank? longstroke or not? what brand? thanks pirre and cheers man!

The 125 main could very well be enough , the standard bolt-on malossi with taffspeed pipe for instance runs best at around 125 main . The JL righthand is a beast though and maybe a 128 might be worth trying. Racing cranks and reedvalves are all a bit of overkill for this particular query methinks ?

mainjet on  130-132

than it runs



by the way pirre i bought 120/50 idle jet its reacher from the 160/55 , would this give any help? cheers!

yes im using this idle jet 160/55 thanks pierre


sounds you have a problem with your inlet closing. The housing is junk than- but you can make the inlet cpl. open and you can put  a  reed valve kit on (malossi or so). And a full circle or lip crank.


Runs powerfull and will kill your problem with your engine adjust.


hi skoot,

             many many thanks for the enligthenment on this, it save me a lot of money anf effort, ill stick with a 128 main jet and a 120/55 idle jet and a stock crank i just had it balance now it runs smooth and power is ok, btw you think 120/55 idle jet is better than 160/55? someone told me that 120/55 is reacher and it helps your motor from a seize at low and mid range especially when using a genuine expansion chambers,  

            do you have any info on a malossi manifold and a 30mm carb for px200?  planning to try this set up on quartermile drag racing this feb. thanks in advance and cheers!


do you have a race crank, too?

if not you have to use one with this set up.

the idle jet will best in 55/160




my crank is fixed now and its running fine, i dont want reedvalve kit at the moment because i want to keep my autolube for long distance travel of course not to gulp so much gasoline as well. cheers!