210 malossi advice

hello again anyone runnin a 210 can advise me on this before i smash the f**ker. i m runnin a 210 with sip center plug head ported cases scorpion exhuast and standard 24 carb oh and a t5 fourth gear, go s well from 1st to 3rd then fourth dont want to pull STILL .its a 2000 electric start model i ordered the gear from sip as a t5 fourth so i should hope it s the right 1 but it dont seem to pull any better than the px2 gear did .any ideas please ?


thanks for the ideas guys im gonna take it to bits when i can get a gasket set and modify the barrel and piston see if the extra power helps if not ill try some other exhausts or have a longer connection pipe made for mine


Have you tried a diffrent exhaust[?[]I dont know anyone with a scorpion that pulls fourth!even down hill)
Have you tried a lower profile tyre which would lower the gearing(even a 3.00.10!a bit small but would prove it will pull a lower gear,and cheaper than splitting the engine)
can you remeber the number of teeth on the gear?

Hi Stevie,

I just replied to a similar post with this, see 210 pipes(I think).

I had a scorpion exhaust (similar power curve) fitted to my malossi kitted 210 with ported casings/mod crank and T5 4th.

After a year of messing about with different clutch drives and tyres to alter the gear ratio and still getting nowhere, I tried a mate’s simonini and couldn’t believe the improvement it made.
It may not have the top end of the expansion 2-3mph in 4th, but it sure made up for it with its willingness to pull 4th and it was quicker through the gears without having to thrash it.

I tried a 3.00 x 10 brought power in around about 65mph compared to 70+ with the 3.50. The T5 clutch(20 tooth) brought it in at 60mph, to be honest I just cant be bothered with it any more, to me it aint worth the hassle. I am currently working a deal with a mate for his simo. I just wished I had tried the simo first could of saved myself all the hassle. There may be expansions that will pull 4th though but I have had enough.
The motor ran much cooler with the simo too.

Dont know how the other scoot with scorpion went so well though, could it maybe have been a sip pipe they do look similar, as I have heard they have more low down power than the scorpion.

Good Luck Anyways

Mark. [:angry:]

ive fully modified my casings,piston,barrel and reed block and shes a bitch to keep the front end down.even running a sip left hander which everyone says is shit it pulls like a 2bit whore and screams in excess of 10,000rpm. the usual malossi setup will,if your lucky, pull to 9000rpm so,yes,its well worth it combined with the above,fuel pump,boost bottle,pwk 28/30 oval bore carb.runs 12-14mpg. currently setting up powerjet setup to run methanol from seperate tank for sprinting but its either too much or not enough

Had the same problems myself - the cure was to sell the scorpion and buy a PM !

anyone done the piston / cylinder mods ?

it s got a tooth different 1more or less i forget which but i was up beside another fella runnin a 210 with a scorpion the tother week comin back from wrexham and he pi**ed all over me in a forthgear roll on but i din t get a chance to talk to him after, i ll catch up with him again to ask but was hoping for a few idea s as i dont realy wanna change the pipe as iv e chucked enough dosh at the thing already and woundn t you know it i brought some new tyres last week ffs