210 jetting question

Just a quickie this one.

I have a Taffspeed tuned 210, t5 forth, 26mm carb, PM pipe and lightened flywheel. Ever since it has been done (over 2 years now) I have had problems starting it when hot and I do have problems when pulling away in first it seems to choke up a bit until the revs pick up. The only thing I can think of is an incorrect slow running jet as everything else has been check (seals electrics ect). So my question is what slow running jet should I be using?

Hi jidoka
I have a similar set up and had the exact same problem ,When i contacted Taffspeed they advised me to drill the air mixer tube out with a 1.8 mm drill thus making it a 180 instead of the 160 that is standard, But then speaking to the man himself DIABLO!!
He told me to use a Be4 atomiser which he promptly sent me (thanx mate)
rather reluctlantly i put it in and hey presto!!
Nothing but blue skies!!
It had transformed my old boggy scoot into a quick pick up beast that she is today!!
Try and see if it helps you.
Not sure in you start issues though , Check all ya carb is clean and blow ya jets out!!


which slow jet are you using now?

I am using a 55/100 i think but will have to double check this