208 polini with pinasco piston?

Got a tip from a tuning shop here in norway about the polini 208 kit, they had drilled up the sylinder to fit the piston from the 215 pinasco set, because this piston has 2 rings vs. polini with 1 ring.
I have never heard of this conversion before , but they claimed it to be very reliable… Has anyone here tried this , any experience ? please let me hear, because I think I’m gone try it…
Will I loose or gain power with this conversion vs. standard polini?
Are there any other things to have in mind when doing this?

Johan Erdal
Rivals Scooter Club

Johan, hows yer scoot buddy?? As Juan says, Ive heard of this done but not aware of any success. Go get yerself a Malossi kit, bolt it to what youve already got and your away, Show Rob a number plate and dust!! Get in touch soon. Cheers S.



Personally I’ve never heard of this done.If you compare the pistons you’ll see that the port’s are differant so work will need done.

Also the newer Pinasco’s use an inferior piston as to what was used in the 213 back in the 80’s,I know of several Pinasco owner’s who prefer to use a Wiseco piston as it’s far stronger.

I’m not saying it can’t be done at all but I wonder why it isn’t common place if it’s a financially viable and reliable option.

I’d get the shop to put you into contact with customers who have had this done and gauge their reaction’s to it.[;)]

Think I’ll go for the GS piston then.
The guy I talked at from the tuning shop had done this with his own scooter, at least 10 years ago , so maybe he forgot some detail, but it had worked fine for 4 years before he put the engine aside he said… But I don’t think they do too much work on vespas though…
The scooter is still a bitch Beerace, have changed the complete fuel and electrical system soon, only the cdi left, but it’s in the post right now…Will change the piston ring also, and then the sylinder\piston if it’s still the same… This year I will have it ready for the season, last year i worked on it the hole season , and no driving[:@] , and i can asure you Rob hasen’t forgot too remind me of that on every possible ocassion…
Are your pipes selling well Beerace ?
It’s a great pipe, a shame i haven’t had the sccoter up and running so I could test it too the full…
Thanks for all answers

Johan Erdal
Rivals Scooter Club

Ive got one of the GT pistons in my bike at the moment and so far so good. Only done a few hundred miles at the moment but all at top speed. Just buy a spare piston ring. If you start to have problems you can change it in 1/2 hour.