208 polini boreout

What size should the polini 208 be bored out to, to fit the Grandsport piston 1st oversize? SIP states that the piston is 68,5 ø, but i guess the sylinder should be a little bit bigger then , but how much, the sylinder has scars on the inside, so it has to be bored out anyway, and i think the GS piston would be fun to try.
I guess this was the problem all along BEERACE, fucked up sylinder , but the last thing that i shecked…

Johan Erdal
Rivals Scooter Club

The best thing to do, is to bring the piston together with the barrel to the workshop and they will give you the right tolerance.

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Just as Leif says, you should deliver the cylinder and the piston to the workshop at the same time. If they are serious the do not bore it out without checking the pistonsize.

See you in august![:dance1:]

Ok, thanks , and see you in august patrick…
I am the friend of Rob who wounderd about the polossi conversion you do… But GS piston is on the way , so maybe next time i fuck up the sylinder i will do Polossi

Johan Erdal