2011 PX150 - Polini 177 sport kit & Racing exhaust

Hello Friends!

I have a (new) 2011 PX150 Vespa, which I'm looking to "enhance". 

I am looking to modify the motor with a Tuning kit - "Polini 177cc Sport Kit" (SIP part no.1010 4000).

I am also looking to upgrade to a "Racing Exhaust SIP Performance" (SIP part no.2100 1000)


Is there anything else I should consider with the above set-up? (all else is standard)

Should I expect any performance increase with the SIP exhaust over the exhaust provided in Polini tuning kit? 

Any suggestions for other combo's? (I would like to retain the original stand and keep spare wheel attached).

Kind regards,






all good - but if you want to keep your spare tire you should use this exhaust: