2003 PX125 Exhaust Systems

Hello everyone.

i was wondering if you guys could help me. im looking to upgrade my vespa PX exhaust but am worried about a number of issues.

1 - i hear that the original exhaust is restricted to 80kmh, is this true?

2 - i want a new exhaust but i DO NOT want to alter my engine at all except what NEEDS to be modified IE. the Jets etc. i was looking at the stainless steel exhausts as i use my vespa everyday and all weathers but im not sure of the best choice available to me.
i can get 65mph on my vespa at the moment but getting 70-75mph would be nice.

3 - im not very technically minded so’s i need one that will be easy to fit and practical as well and not interfere with my exhaust emissions as i have a catalysed 2003 PX.

any help from you guys would be much appreciated.

thanks, Xeres

You will have to remove your Cat to fit any other exhaust.

All system’s are generally easy to fit and will only require an enlarged main jet.

As for stainless system’s you have a few choices.I think that Curare and Diablo rate the Scorpion but I have heard these will require modification to fit sometimes.

SIP performance is another.My mate love’s his but he run’s it on a tuned 200 so I don’t know if this will be good for you.

I’m sure other’s can give you advice as I won’t run a stainless pipe personally because I’m old fashioned that way.

I am running a SIP on a PX150, run well now with a bigger carb and a modified gearing, I try the SIP with only a cylinder kit Malossi 166 not ported and there was not many difference with the Malossi and original exhaust.

Xeres, the pleasure will be so high with another exhaust that you will not care of changing your tuned exhaust to the original one one time a year (+/- 1 hour to change from one to the other)



The cat is build in the exhaust,if you remove the exhaust you automaticly remove the cat.Only thing you have to do is putt in a bigger jet and you are ready to go.I myself have a px125 disc and have done the same to it.[;)]

60-65mph is pretty good for a 125cc, for a standard P200, it is just about right. Is your tacho right?

You have to do some tuning to reach 70-75 even on a 200!


okies, so im interested in the new exhaust system. how complex is the removal of the catalyser on the scooter though? is it simple enough to remove and replace each time?

also, has anyone ever done this to a new PX? would it just be worth my while to get hold of an old T5 or something?



I meant


Xeres where are you from? Do they test emissions there. In the UK they are not tested so we just throw them. As Juan says I do like Scorpians but only because they are good on tuned bikes. I also don’t like stainless because i think it fractures more easily. If you are only going to fit an exhaust don’t use scorpian.
Best quick thing to do to a std PX?

  1. Malossi 166 kit- bolt on
  2. Scorpian,Simonnini or sip pipe
  3. up jet carb 110 main jet

Ultra reliable and a real power boost.


Point 1. No restriction in here[:D] [:D]

It’s not the exhaust which is restricted, it’s the whole package, there’s many level of engine tuning, one friend has a good all round result on a PX125 with only a Polini exhaust (Art.-no. 20020190); I think the more you tune the more you’ll need technical skills to maintain you Vespa.

For the catalysed side, I think it’s just a matter of exhaust and nothing else, but I’m not sure. You have to know that normally any other exhaust is for „race“ only not to be used on road, we do but we don’t really matter about noise and emission!!


thanks for the advice guys, appreciate it.

if i have to remove the catalyser to fit any new exhaust, im presuming my exhaust emissions are gonna go too high for the 2003 emission regs so’s is there any way of combating this or will i have to remove it every time i have an MOT in the near future?

im not very technically minded but im very much interested in learning so’ any help would be much appreciated.

PS whats the tacho?

cheers folks.