2002 PX200E headlight problem

I have a 2002 Vespa PX200E. I ride with the headlight on low beam during daylight hours. Today after riding for about an hour I noticed that the „blue“ indicator on the speedo for high beam was on even though the switch was set to the low beam position?!? I moved the switch from low to high beam and the blue high beam indicater stayed on, I also saw no difference in the headlights intensity that would indicate whether it was switching from high to low beam. I can’t really say whether the light is projecting the high or low beam. I tried to dismantle the switch to look for loose wires, but saw none. This is a halogen equiped PX200E „millenium“ edition. Anyone have any ideas? Does the bulb need to be changed after only 1000Km?
Thanks in advance for any help!

I don´t think, that you have a problem with the bulb (but check it also). I think you have a problem with the earthing. Check all cables of oxidation.

Or your switch is out of order.

[:drink:] Daniel