2 different 21 tooth Cosa Clutches in SIP catalogue?

There are, honest.

What I cant understand is, one is about £45 and the others about £95

Can anyone explain to me what the actual difference is?

Im looking at putting one on my mark one T5 in the future and obviously if i can get it at the cheaper price i may treat myself for Crimbo :slight_smile:

complete definitely


the others


Its the cosa bit that has misled you. The early cosa clutches were the same as the old style p200 ones. Thats why there is two they are different types

Are you sure you’re looking at complete clutches or just the drives?

hmm well one says vespa and the cheap one says piaggio :frowning: doesnt seem to say whats original and not though the cheaper one does say that its for the older cosa.

both state that they fit the T5 I just need to decide whether theres any real difference in the two :frowning:

I can only guess one is original piaggio and the other not.

From experience I can say that whatever is not genuine piaggio it doesn’t last that long or has some fitting problem…with some exception of course.