1st ESC Vespa Race 2008 in Liedolsheim

1st ESC race 2008 Liedolsheim<o:p></o:p>

Just like every year, the Vespa race series started with the largest event, the Run&Race near Karlsruhe in the Southwest of Germany. This mega-event began Friday night with the awards ceremony for the last season. The SIP Scootershop – Stoffis racing team took home three trophies. Michi Pesendorfer ranked second place in class 4, Zini and Stoffi came off as winner and third place in class 2.

This year, the field of riders was supplemented by a couple of guest riders from Italy. Our boys fought their way through the training to secure the following positions in the starting grid: Michi an unchallenged pole position, Stoffi place 2 (first starting line) and Zini place 6 (thus second starting line).  

This weekend certainly could not have turned out any better for Michi in class 4. After a perfect training, he was able to bring home victories in both runs. Small surprise that he is now ranked as number one in the table of class 4. In class 2, Stoffi had a major mishap in the first bend after a messed-up start that lost him 10 places, putting him 12th place in the field. During his chase, he caught up with team mate Zini in lap 2. They collided in the difficult 180 degrees bend. Christian Rapf was also involved in the collision as he had to avoid hitting them both and crashed during this maneouvre. Fortunately, all three of them were able to continue the race. However, any hopes for a good position had to be buried by now. Thus, Stoffi came off fourth place and Zini ranked 9th in the first race.   

The 2nd run unfolded with quite a similar scenario. Stoffi did not get off to a good start and had to race hard to catch up once more. Zini, however, started off way better. Final ranking of this run: Michael from Italy 0.3 seconds ahead of Ulf Krapfenbauer, who found himself 0.04 seconds in front Stoffi. This was the closest finish in the history of the ESC. Zini came off a good seventh place in the run.

All things considered, it still was a very positive weekend for the SIP Scootershop – Stoffis racing team as Michi could live up to his role as favourite in class 4. Zini is able to keep the pace with last year’s engine in terms of power without any problems while Stoffi, apart from his starting problems, is also getting along very well with the Falc set-up of the new engine. Fastest lap time 56.9 sec.

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