19mm carb for 75kit smallframe?

Hello, I have a Vespa 50 Special from 1983 with a Polini 75 ccm kit mounted.

Now I am wondering whether I should buy a bigger carburator. I understand that the original carburator is a 16mm.

  • Will a 19mm carburator give me more power?
  • Which 19mm carburator should I choose, a kit (which one) or just a plain carburator?

If you have just stuck the 75 kit on ie: no casing work, no gear up, race crank etc , then ur best either picking up a second hand 19mm off a primmy or upjetting your 16 to suit the kit (if it ain’t been done already).

If you have reworked the motor, then opt for the 19mm reedvalve kit withe full circle and gear up kit.