1997-98 Gillera Runner 180 2-Stroke Exhaust Pipe Dimensions Inquiry Specs-OEM and Aftmkt.???


I am custom building a Pipe for Honda Dio 120cc 2-stroke and want to weld/modify this High Perf oem replica Gill Runner 180 pipe to fit on the Honda Dio 50cc Converted to Stroker 120cc Liquid cooled 2-stroke, and this Big Muffler Runner Pipe should be nice and quiet, yet Fast also.

I wish to purchase the below Exhaust Pipe PI482275
from SIP-sold and available on their website, but need Info. before I can make purchase.

SIP would not answer my 2 basic questions on MM size dimensions, and also their response does not contain an e-mail that anyone can respond to, therefore there is NO Communication between myself and SIP, sadly.

Hello, I have 2 Tech Questions of below Pipe:

I believe Pipe is From 1997/1998 2-Stroke Runner 180's
What is Inlet Diameter MM of Exhaust Pipe???
What is Outlet Diameter MM of Exhaust Pipe???
Thx, Mch, Scott

Is stock Pipe (482274) Inlet and outlet MM Dimensions same as the below OEM replica High Performance PI482275
 Exhaust Pipe??????

I think they are Same, just SIP (high Perf.- PI482275) pipe

is same as only difference is OEM stock exhaust pipe has an Internal Catalyst.

Can you please measure these Two Round Milimeter (MM) Dimensions for Diameter (Exhaust Inlet and Outlet)?????????


Runner 125/180 FX/R 2-stroke
w/o heat shield, mounting
For you owners of Phat Piaggio 2-tact motors, we've got the Piaggio Original Exhaust System180,
OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  482274 (PIAGGIO) 

Can you please measure these Two round Dimensions for Diameter (Exhaust Inlet and Outlet)?????????


Is stock Pipe Inlet and outlet Dimensions same as the below OEM replica High Performance/Aftermarket Ex Pipe??????

I own below Scooters-

German CPI Mz Muz

1999 Honda Dio-Elite 50cc Mod to 120cc LC

Yamaha Jog

Yamaha Riva 200-4 stroke

Please Help(measure these two Round Pipe Dimensions)

Thank You Very Much,

Best Regards,



Thanks,Best Regards,scott



Hello Scott,

thank`s for your post!

Item http://www.sip-scootershop.com/de/products/auspuff+piaggio+fur+gilera+_pi482275 would be the good original Piaggio/Gilera exhaust without KAT [Y]

The inlet diameter would be: ca. 35mm

the outlet diameter would be: ca. 22mm


Best wishes

Mario SIP