1981 px 200 e carb question

hi scoots,

my vespa is very thirsty, it had been allegedly standing dry for a number of years, rather than mess about i think i would rather replace the entire carb, can anyone recomend a carb to replace the standard one, not realy after more performance just better consumption, thanks guys [:)]

Look forward to hearing from you mate, I am taking my bike to taffspeed in Newport on Saturday for a dyno run - so likelihood is I'll be free to pop down on Sunday . I have got gaskets etc  here so no worries, whatever it is we'll sort it. Be useful if you have got carb cleaner there though cos I am very low on fluids here.

thanks both, hi steve, i am in neath mate, i will make you 2 cups no bother! :), i have repalced the fuel tap and hoses are all cool, at the moment it is hard to say how many miles due to no tax mot, but when the bike was on road in spain, i was filling the tank every 3 days!!! lol , not good, if u are passing neath mate it would be good to pick ya brains, ive done a lot of work on cars and bikes in the past, but dont want to go ripping in to this tiny carb on my own, not sure if i need gaskets just to have a ganders, thanks again steve

cheers butty


will do mun cheers steve

And the weeks roll by , still no contact ?? Hope you have got it sorted mate.

Hi Lee,

Where in Wales are you mate ? I would be happy to help out for free ( well a cup of tea anyway [;)] ) if you are close enough to me . 'The swimmer' La Rocca talks about translates to the Float and float needle over here fella . Could be anything from a leaky tap to a split hose, to a persihed tip on the needle etc etc .

What sort of economy are you getting at the moment?




Didn't get a call mate, hope you have sorted it out ?

Let me know if I can help ok ?

Enjoy !


Hi dude


Is your Vespa still dry when you close the fuel tap ?


It´s a little bit tricky to advise you without seeing and checking your scoot.


Can be possible that the carb isnt good reg. the swimmer or the swimmer needle.


If you have any doubts about the carb. replace it and check the situation.


Just make shure if the consumption is high because of the carb or the gas tank or between the tank and the carb.




Give me a call on Saturday morning mate 07771 647450 and we'll work something out ok ?