1974 GTR conversion to Stella engine -- light switch problem

Hello everyone.  I have a rebuilt 1974 GTR.

We added a 2003 LML Stella engine (12v AC, no battery, no signals).

Wiring was original so I replaced with Scooterworks EIK conversion harness.

Now I need a good handlebar switch. (Scotterworks suggestion was low quality and did not work.)

This setup has one power lead to the switch. The switch must MAKE (not break) a circuit to turn on lights and horn. It must include a kill button, horn button, lights (off-running-all), and high-low.

Any suggestions..?

I emailed SIP but no reply one week later.   Thanks!!

Hi. That`s all you need!








Hi, I bought this SIP switch to match the SIP 12v electronic conversion wiring loom but the numbers don't match? theres a 2 on the loom and a 1 on the switch? also if you match the numbers to the wiring diagram its doesn't work!! any ideas please- 2 weeks of frustration so far. help! cheers

Thank you.