1969 125 GT leaking fuel, float or fuel tap problem



I have a new fuel tap sn 15879300 and also a new springloaded float needle 4.5mm sn 40090000.

When I park it and fuel is in OFF position, it is dripping fuel from the carburator - appears to come out from top of where the float is in the carburator.

When I decouple the fuel hose, it is also dripping out of the hose when fuel in OFF.

Should the fuel tap completely close the fuel, or should the float hold the fuel even if the fuel tap is leaking slightly?

Any advice?





if the Fuel drops out in OFF position, then you have 4 possible defects:

Your fuel tap is defect.
I cannot tell from here if you simply need to fit a new fuel tap gasket or you'll probably need a new tap.

You did not fit new fuel hose banjo gaskets (or the banjo is broken)

It comes out of the floating chamber (maybe you did not fit a new gasket)

Maybe the gasket of the round filter cover is defect