1965 VNB with modified stator

Hello everyone.

I just did a full restoration a 1965 VNB 6t (everything was disassembled). At the time, the electricals weren't working and I should have noticed that all the bulbs were 12v. (This bike has no battery.)

At some point, someone replaced the 2 coils that run the lights/horn with 2 coils wired in series. Now I have 12 volts. So, I have only 3 wires coming from my stator - 2 hot ones and the ground. The red ignition produces 10v and the green makes 18v at idle. Everything electrical works fine on the bike - they just aren't working correctly. Example: Brake light has to be on for headlights and horn to work. I have been careful not to rev the engine so I don't blow any bulbs. I tried my old harness and I had the same issues - everything works - just not correctly.

At this point I KNOW I will need a regulator and to get a different brake switch and possibly the horn switch. But can someone tell me exactly what parts from SIP I will need to do this? I am fine with the points - I have no problem maintaining those so I don't need electronic ignition. I am just unsure if all the accessories can be run off of one single 12v source. I have tried (with much frustration) to wire a few circuits outside the frame just to understand whats going on. I have the same problem every time - the brake circuit kills everything.

I am also willing to get a new harness if need be. I would love to see a schematic showing a singe 12v source powering all the accessories.

Thank you!

Also, if someone can explain how to put photos directly in the message I can show you the bike all restored.