1963 GL 150 first tuning


I'm planing to upgrade my  150 GL with a Pinasco 190cc kit, longstroke crankshaft, sip road exhaust and electronic ignition.

Here are my questions concerning ignition:

- Can I fit in the GL cases a PX ignition ?

- If yes, is the PX200 5 wire stator plate OK?

- Would I need a stator spacer ?

- What flywheel would you suggest? Is the SIP Touren OK?


Thanks for sharing your answers and opinions,



Looking to do the same thing so I hope to watch and see your progress!

Have an identical GL 150 with all the original add ons that's been standing for many years.

I have so many kits but no progress since I didn't buy them from SIP. Short wire loom, messed up where to put paper thing and drill to convert very unbalanced flywheel to crankshaft.

Hope to bump your case and hope there's someone who can help me! I can have it shipped to Berlin easily but I hope to be able to it myself after 12yrs and so many engineers and pro bike builders have had a migraine since 1. It's Italian so very little logic and 2. Four manuals a short loom and the last friend I know is used to renovating American planes from the 50's!! 

So it's a bike but I love it even after 12 very vicious years. Please help!

MA, Stockholm