1963 150GL Ignition Problem

Hey I put this bike together for a guy and we are having a real problem. Anyone out there who can confirm next action or offer advice. Bike starts and runs ok for a while (3-4 miles) then dies on tick over at every opportunity. 1.Tank/carb cleaned. 2.New HT coil. 3.New condensor. 4.Timing/points checked. 5. Correct plug. 6.New float needle in carb. ///Have thought it could be ignition coil on stator plate, is this worth changing next, or any other ideas please?

Could be the oil seals. Has the bike ever had a engine rebuild? If not the seals will almost definitely need changing as the petrol made the rubber go hard and starts letting air in (and oil out usually). Look for oil behind the stator plate and petrol in the gearbox oil (you will be able to smell it) as classic signs.

If the seals are gone a bike will often start cold be die after a while then not start agian until cold. Another possiblity is badly choked up exhaust.

Hope this helps

If the seals are ok, then trying check the fuel tap, it might have some flow issues, also on the subject of fuel delivery check for any kinks or crud in the fuel line.