1962 VNB1 (US Allstate) taller gearing


I recently installed a DRT 23T clutch gear on my 3 speed VNB1 up from the stock 22.

The scooter runs great. Can I install a "taller" input shaft gear? I'm not sure how many teeth the stock input shaft gear has? I want 1 or 2 teeth smaller input shaft gear.(still has the three speed).

Someone told me I should install a 150 super four speed gear box. oit has the "tallest" stock gear set. Does SIP have one?

Thank you!




it's got a old 150 kit in it w/SIP road exhaust. has some power.

looked putting in a 150 super gear box but SIP is out of stock.

you will need make up your 4 speed gear box $$$ or buy a 4 speed engine on 8" and up-gear that one not cheap either way

its not an easy process

have you installed a cylinder kit ? standard 125 2 port motors alone are not powerful enough to pull the higher ratio gears