1961 VBB1 BAD DISC VALVE - Can I repair It

Hello everyone, I'm from argentina. I have a problem with the disc valve engine, It will be repair but the results are not guarantees.

Its possible to repair the valve using a Reed Valve, keeping the original SI carburetor and the original disc valve crankshaft.

I think DRT reed valve  Art.No.40311600 can be work but im not sure,


I will Appreciate yours answers

Yes, there exists a reed valve repair kit. This on you have mentioned is the right one.
BUT TAKE CARE: this one will need some extra work on the casing, eventually you need some welding!

The "Worb5 reed valve  Art.No.40311500" will need no adaption works.

It is always recommendable to do some re-machining of the crankshaft casing... remove the defect area and make a more flow-friendly inlet area...