1961 GS150 - PX Engine Adaptor Help!

Hi Chaps/Girls.

Can anyone help me where I can obtain a frame adaptor unit so I can fit a PX engine into a late widebody GS150.

I have read in forums they are available but can not find an online shop that sells them - Help please!

Rally Jim

hi ...


do you need the item 6300300 but its not on stock now

maybe in round about 2-3 weeks we get it back


check the onlineshop symbols



Ive just tried fitting my wideframe adapter in a Spanish 125N frame from about 1957, my p200e engine fits, but to get the wheel to be central to the frame I have to fit the PX rims on back to front, is this how it is designed, if so is this safe. I wont to fit SIP tubeless alloys but am unsure of the extra strain put on the rims if used back to front.

Ive also tried GS160 rims but they arent off set enough to get the wheel central?

Hi guys!

I fixed a 200cc engine in my 125L from the 63, keeping the 8" wheels...Not really dificult...just patience!

Dear All, Is it possible to install a PX 200 engine on a 150 VBC1T 1968 ? what parts are required?


Thank you.

Can anyone advise me please if this adaptor allows a 200cc engine to be fiitted to a GS150 V5 or is 150cc the max?

I know the swing arm dimension is the same but I have been told by another company the 200cc barrel will clash with the frame?

Any advice welcome,


Rally Jim

Hi Do you know if it works with Vespa VB1t 150CC, I meant this part works with my vespa?



if you want to fit the 200 cc engine than you have to make a little bit of modifcations on the body

but i heared that we will get a new adaptor specialy for the 200 in the future