1961 150 Super

I have a 1961 VBB1 Vespa (or a Super depending on which side of the ocean you on) with the baja 150cc four port, electronic ignition and I’m looking to put a SIP Performance Exhaust on it - which model will best fit my large frame, the PX80-150 or the PX200. I know that the exhaust will not fit into the baja cylinder, but I’m a machinist so I will not have a problem with that, I just want the best fit under the frame of the scooter.


I would have though the 80-150 seeing as though they are designed for the PX - the bajaj 150 engine is very similar to the PX150. You may also have problems with the stand but it sounds like you have the technology to get 'round that one.

P.S is it a super? Don’t think that it would be if it really is 1961…maybe a Sportique equivilent?