1960 vnb headache

Have a go at this one for i have had enough…
1960 vnb 150…recent new crank,seals and general overhaul of motor…bike is reluctant to start and after say 25 kicks it pops up on the choke,knock the choke in and it kicks the bucket,revs up clean with the choke but without it spits back and argues the toss…try another carb…the same…try another…the same problem…3 carbs i have tried up till today when i thought to myself maybe the stator is passed it…whip it out and replace with a known working example…hmmm its still the same…coil…went out and bought a new one just to be sure…still the same…any idea’s lads as this is putting me of scootering for life.[:angry:]

If you’re using the GTR fork use it’s mudguard as well.[;)]
An 8" muguard will foul the tyre under braking and lock up the front end.

As bad as this sucks to say, sounds as if a seal is bad. Maybe it got cut on instalation, or there is a burr on the crank that ruined it.


LOL thats why i am doing a 400 mile round trip on saturday to pick an engine up…what would we do without our scooters (prosper probably)[:dance1:]

If it is the seal it must be a bad one diablo as i have renewed em all along with £85’s worth of crank…i have noticed that there aint any fuel escaping into the gearbox so the motor must have a good seal on it…gonna try a new top end that i have put aside for another project and if that dont work i’m gonna junk the cases and build a new motor as i have just been given a sportique engine…thanks for the help guy’s…have a [:drink:] on me.

Its not the breather in the tank? not getting enough petrol? crap in the tank(If your careful, you can do this with out hitting the rim!!!;D )

Thats what i was thinking which is a ***er as the crank is brand new and so are the seals…its the first engine i have built that has gone haywire…on the other hand i have just ran my old GTR motor which has sat round in the back of the shed for months,second kick and its away…i am thinking now that i might drop that in and use the gtr fork set up and cut my losses…[:@]

When ive had this before its usually been the flywheel side seal. If it is though you should see a bit of weapage from the seal.

This is why we love mesing with old vespas!~not