1956 Vespa VL3 needle bearing question.


I am currently rebuilding a Vespa VL3 150 engine and have some questions regarding the needle bearings for the layshaft and clutch.

I was missing the original bearings for the layshaft and ordered some new ones. They arrived and are sized 3mmx11.8mm and have a quantity of 23.  Once fitted it is very snug and only 16 of the needles would fit.

On the clutch the original bearings were present. I counted them before removal  and after cleaning and there were 29 total. Once fitted they seem relatively snug but with space for possibly one more. Referencing the SIP website it says my model should take 40 of these bearings?

Does anyone know if there were mid model variants in regards to these bearings?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You,


Thanks for your quick response.


The article listed is the same one ordered from you. With the layshaft that I have....there is absolutely no way to fit 23 needles?



there were no mid model variants.

We have 2 needlsets and for the layshaft just one.

the article you need is: