180ss condensator

I think I need to replace the kondensator on my 180 ss. What leaves me wondering is that on the spares I can find at SIP they have one wire, mine has two…
Did they come with different solutions? Do I not have a 180 SS engine…? (How do I tell?)
What do I do…
Any advice is appreciated. Quite new at this.

I have a 180 ss and have recently converted it to 12 volt electronic ignition using the Vespatronic ‚generator‘.
You will know which engine you have by the serial number which you find on the crankcase. But the engine will have little bearing on which type of ignition system you have. Originally the engine came with 6 volt ignition with contact point that generated the spark to the spark plug but many owners have converted to 12 volt electronic ignition eg Vespatronic. You can easily see the difference because the 12 volt system does have an opening where the points are accessed on the 6 volt system.

I hope this helps
Read the product description here for more info If you have CDI you should look for a PX coil.

The condensator is connected to the points on one side (yellow cable) and to the coil (red cable) on the other.
The condensators with just ome cable (typically the yellow, that must be connected to the points) can be connected by tinning the red cable coming out of the coil on top of the condensator, right next to the yellow cable exit.