177cc POLINI main jet and wireing diagrams

Hi can anyone tell me roughly what size main jet i would need for a polini 177 kit ? and i need a wireing diagram for a 1978 vespa p125 x non indicator model the only ones i can find are for the versions with indicators and this is completly different to that , it looks like it may be 6 volt and doesnt have a voltage requlator cheers and happy new year to you all [:drink:]

cheers thanks for your reply

Hi moto 400 - ive got a DR 177 kit with ScootRS pipe and P200 carb on my 150 Super and i use a 115 main jet. I tried a 108 jet and found it too small.

Assuming you’re running a performance pipe and the origional carb I’d guess your jet should be in the 102-108 range.

I don’t know of a wiring diagram for you but I think it would be similar to a Sprint Veloce or a TS125.You could look on here and compair them to what you have.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.