177 set up

just fitted my polini 177 and polini exhaust.running standard carb,no case mods done. timeing set dead on IT.what should the jetting be? thanks

im runnin a 120 , b4 and a 160. seems to be runnin fine but alot of oil at exhaust. ive bin told that the 120 main is far too big and to go from a 116 down to maybe a 110 from a t5.what you think> also to take the 160 to a 140?

Keep that set up for the first 500 miles and then work your way down. Try 118 then 116.

Try a 122 main jet and work your way down once you have run it in.

Yes 120 will be too big. I think the instructions say to leave it standard which is what I have done on my Sprint. I think that is a 108…or maybe even smaller…it’s been like that for about 3 years with no problems (20/20 carb)