16 16 and 19 19 carb manifold

Hi all,

I have a v50L smallframe with a Dr102 kit on it .

can anyone tell me why the 16 16 carb manifold has the holes horizontal, yet the 19 19 carb manifold has them vertical ?

Can you fit a 19 19 on a v50L smallframe , or is 16 16 the biggest ?



We do not understand your question.
Which kind of holes do you mean?

If you want to mount a 16/16 carb, you need the 16 mm manifold. If you want to mount the 19/19 carb (which is more recommendable for a 102 ccm cylinder), you need to mount the 19 mm manifold.
According to your engine casing, both of the manifold mounting studs are with the same sense.


otherwise please specify because I don't see a problem.

Thanks for coming back to me.

With the 16 16 manifold the holes in the end of the manifold that bolt to the engine block are horizontal .The manifold then goes through the hole in the frame , then the carb goes on .

With the 19 19 manifold, the only way it will go through the frame hole is if I turn in round so the holes are vertical.Now it will go through the frame but wont bolt to the engine?