16.03 bhp reasonable for PX225?


my Pinasco longstroke got Max of 16.03 bhp on the dyno.

Does this sound about right?
What is the next step to go faster?

Setup is:
Pinasco 215 cylinder kit
60mm Mazz. with base gasket
si24/24 carb with 135 main
PM Tuning pipe

(It’s just bolted together with no extra work)


Think you’ll find it difficult to get too much more. What you probably have got is plenty of torque though so next improvement might be a gear kit?

thanks to all, for your advice

swapping the base gasket for a head gasket sounds like the most attractive (read cheapest) solution to my 3rd 4th gap

what should my carb settings be for pinasco longstroke with head gasket?

current settings: 190, BE4, 135main

thank you,

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

The next step if you want to go faster should be to fit a Polini or Malossi kit.[:D]

thank you for your replies! its good to hear as i wasnt sure what to expect from this setup…

it is very torquey but has the commonly mentioned problem of pulling to almost 100km/h in 3rd and then not much in 4th (std px gearing)

i am considering trying a t5 carb or a vortex carb… will this help or is it purely a gearing issue?



the pinasco runs better with head gasket
the 135 main it seams too big, but if the engine likes it ok. For me with your exhaust I would say 128.

With head gasket corect set up carb, and your exhaust you should see your tacho going to 120 if not a little little more in 4th gear and no, no problem at all between 3rd and 4th. It will pull the 4th from any drivable rpm.

I wouldn’t recommend a T5 carb on a 200.The Vortex may be worth a try but I’m told that the jetting can be very complicated to get right.

A friend of mine also runs a T5 4th gear on his Pinasco 225 twin induction and is far happier with the top gear pull.

highly recommend the T5 4th, slightly higher revs but least it pulls up hill and into head wind at the expense for a couple of top end mph. Also 30mm dell cheap, proven, good mpg (132 main jet) and easy to setup.

I ran one on my standard P2 with a sito and it was great for sitting at 60/65 all day.

Hi Zizzou,

you should go for the Polini or the Malossi (I would prefer this one) or fit a 28-30 mm carb. The SI26/26 is another choice if you have the autolube otherwise go straight for a PHBL 28. Matching the tranfers on the case will help a little.