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I have a '65 Vespa 150 standard, and I am about to mount a DR177cc kit and a 20/20 carb. Need some advise on: 1) what main jet size is recommended on this combination, and 2) Is it a tuning exhaust that will fit this combination nicely (and if so, what is the main jet size with the tuning-exhaust)?

Not looking for a mean-machine here (if Vespa's ever can be that) - just a nice smooth ride with a little more power [:)]

Appriciate a reply [:)]

Thanks man

I think I change to your recommendation.


Hi dude,


i´ve just answered you in the new post.

is it worth mounting a Si24/24 carb when inlet has nog been opened up to bigger diameter?

i am about to order a 177cc kit for a sprint 150 (2-port engine) and still doubt between Si20/20 or 24/24 carb.

any advice?

it's for this scoot :

VLB 1 T 044505 chassis

VLB 1 M 44693 engine (unchanged, not ported...yet)


thanks, hannes.

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it's for this scoot :


VLB 1 T 044505 chassis

VLB 1 M 44693 engine (unchanged, not ported...yet)


thanks, hannes.




i started a new topic to get info to order a suitable kit, but no reply yet...[*-)]


thanks la rocca!

can anyone help me please with this issue?

see question above...


thanks, hannes.

Sorry man - thought is was enough with type and year...

It's a VBB. Frame no VBB2T 271905. Engine casing is the original.


Hey dude


Honestly it would be better for your engine to use the 24 si carb. for the PX200, the mainjet is 120-118.


Regarding the exhaust question.


If you prefer a low noisy pipe with a good performance i recommend you you the SIP0810.


If you want a race pipe in stainless steel with more power and more noise you could use the SIP Performance but for your setup this pipe would be the 2. choice.


By the way do you still have this 177DR Cylinder ??

Better would be the 177 Pinasco.








Hi dude


please be more exactly with your model when you ask about tecnical things.

What is it a VBB or something else??

Please give me the framenumber and tell me if the engine casing is the original one.


Otherwise i cant help you [8-|]




i need the same answer as well?