150 sprint engine in PK50S

Hi need a bit of electrical help have installed a 150 sprint engine into my PK50S every thing has gone fine until I got to the electrics
anyone know wich wires on the engine the blue and green wires on the frame connect to?

Think i’ve sorted it going through the wiring diagrams;

Yellow (150) to Blue (PK)
Red (150) to Green (PK)
Black to Black
Green (150) to Not required (PK)
Blue (150) to Not required (PK)

Is that correct???

forget my post, I’ve seen the other topic about putting one into a 50 special, I guess its pretty much the same, maybe slightly easier!

sorry, cant help on wiring, but wondered how easy it was to fit the engine? did you have to adapt the frame similar to putting a p or px engine in?