150 CC lml

At sip you can order a 150 CC - 5 port from lml.Does this cylinder give more power than an original 150 CC?Is the quality from this cylinder the same as an original from vespa ?Has anybody got any experience with this cylinder?

i’m running a lml here in the states. i think its a great platform to tune off of. its got reeds stock the reeds are bolted in between the carb box and the crank intake to get that reed block to work on a stock the cases would need to be changed and so would the crank. it uses the same box as the vespa and comes with a 20/20 carb. its a semi 5 port not T5. it still have more flow than a stock px the px 150s stock are slower than the lml stock. also the malossi top end matchs up with no porting or case mods. the ports just line up great. the only thing that holds it back is the stock pipe with the cat converter but that goes without saying. run a pipe of your choice JL or scorp throw on a malossi and a 24/24 carb and you’ve got a 75+mph bike. with stock reeds. change the reeds and it’ll get there faster. they can be machined opened up and flowed the stop taken out and have fiberglass boysen style dual stage rad reeds put in.

I’m presuming this is the LML/Stella 5-port barrel?

My mate has a LML *NV?*150,it’s a lovely ride but not very powerful.

It’s worth noting it’s a reed valve set up on the carb,what this need’s to run on a Vespa I don’t know as we’ve never looked inside it so far.I would presume the crank need’s modifying at least.

Personally,I would think you would get far better result’s from a Malossi,Pinasco,Polini or even a DR than bothering with this.[;)]

Thanks for the information![;)]