13th - 15th Modrapheniacs SC rally Sandford

Anyone going?  I will be there on the Saturday, has always been good in the past.

More details - http://www.modrapheniacs.co.uk/

Had a great rally, lots of nice scoots there and had a few ciders!!!  Some excellent riding weather, nice and sunny with no wind for a change!


Will post some photos up over the next couple of days.

i will be there chuck old mate it's an extra day this year last time they had a seventies theme night on the sunday was great fun

I'm going!

Leaving on Friday afternoon, should only take a couple of hours, although we are riding with someone on a GTS so it might take longer!!

At least it will be daylight this time!!

See you on Saturday.

what about the pics dude ?

[:D]Trying to get up for saturday! see you there..........on a matt black lamb chop![H]

Sorry my photos turned out to be just people getting drunk!!  There are some top photos on these website though:


http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157615314807458/show/


It is a good rally and the weather was great, but being a caravan rally it does tend to have quite a few car attendees!

if you go .... make some fotos and place her in the board !

great pictures mate

del, mwsc

I will be on a 'classic' Cosa MK1, red with black panels.  Should be a good one!