12V Parmakit #57016.22 Coil wire is too short for stock application

They are only (3) 90SS owners in between Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC and two of us are placing high performance Parmakits. I noticed that the Parmakit stock coil wire is much shorter than the stock 90SS one and without having to ad, splice or solder extra wire i would like to know if i can order the Coil with a longer wire (its permanently attached to the Coil) or substite the stock Parmakit Coil for the Parmakit High Tension Monoplat Coil #10010.22???



i am conciedering between Vespatronic or Parmakit for my v50S

does the Parmakit workes wellfor you, did it improved your ignition and anything else? 

some feedback would help all of us :)