125 t.s. - tuning?

G’day scooterists.

Wondering if anyone has some experience or in tuning a Vespa 125 t.s. There doesn’t seem to be much info about this model. It looks a lot like a Rally, but has a 125cc motor, premix.

I fitted mine with a Polini 177cc kit, and a 24mm Dellorto carb and the original pipe. She was running fine until some bastard stole and trashed her, so I decided to do a complete rebuild. I’ve sourced a Japanese 24mm carb, and intend to enlarge the ports. An expansion chamber should help things along too. I expect that strengthening the clutch springs will be a must.

My main question is: can I raise the overall gearing to get more relaxed high speed cruising? I notice Malossi and Polini produce kits for the P/PX range, but would they fit my motor?

Any advice would be much appreciated![:rolleyes:]