12 volt regualor on 6 volt system

I’m running an et3 (6volt lighting system). Beedspeed scooters recommend using an old px 12 volt regulator box to stop the bulbs blowing. I’ve rang a few times sayin „are you sure this will cure the power surge that blows the tail light bulb“ to be told yes cos it works on 6 volt Lammys. Has anyone done this alteration before cos I can’t grasp the fact that 12 volt regulator takes care of a 6 volt system.[?[]

basically the regulator will analize the input and throw out the average that goes into it.so a 12v regulator accepting between 10 and 14v will seep out a constant 12v.if its accepting a constant 14v and above the bugger will melt down.if a 12v one is accepting between 5 and 7.5v it will kick out a constant 6-ish volt or so i am led to believe but,with my only frustration on vespa’s being the f***ing electrics i can only pass on what im told as i hate electrics

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Funny thing electrics. Scooter shops seem to hold the same mystical viewpoint surrounding electrics. The logical solution seems to be sticking a regulator into the loom, though „meltdown“ sounds a bit harrowing.

Thanx for the insight[:drink:]

are you sure its all wired up right??.those rear lights should be fairly dim at 6v so you must have a problem somewhere for it to be hogging all the power

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Over the weekend, I nearly went into meltdown. Still getting immense power to tailight. Brakelight worked fine until tail light turned on and then all the power got robbed from brakelight altogether. 6volt tail light bulb worked fine with regulator on until I give it some revs & the power surge vapourised the bastard.
(wiring all text book, position wise )
Final insult was the reversal of power to the tail light wiring. For some unknown reason stop & tail went a.w.o.l (now I’m rambling )

Any way, now goin for a new loom and stator plate rewire (29 year old shite can go in the bin).


dont panic,the regulaotor only melts inside and doesnt pose a fire risk.as the internals get too hot to dissipate the heat they burn out.at the very worse if you look at the back of it where its poured full of resin to seal it sometimes it causes some bubbles and a bit of discolouration

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Wired it all up last night. 6volt tail light is burning away like a piece of magnesium ribbon. I suspect a run up the road will vaporise the filament. Tonight I’ll try a 12 volt bulb & see what happens. Tail light seems to be consuming all the available power. When lights are on, the brakelight can’t get enough juice to light up efficiently. I suspect 12 volt tail light will perform ok, but the stoplights then a new problem. I HATE ELECTRICS [:’(]

The regulator box allows the stator to produce upto 12 volts.

If the stator is producing more than this then the regulator will trim it and dissipate the excess voltage as heat this is why they are housed in a lump of Aluminium to act as a heat sink.

Depending on where you put the regulator in the circuit you will have to change some/all of the bulbs for 12 volt.

This won’t give you better lighting it just means that the voltage will never go over 12 volts and blow the bulbs.

Hope this helps!!