102 Malossi

Hi, my 50 now runs well with the 75cc kit, 74 jet and a Banana - thanks for your help a while back.

Question - a 102cc Polinit cylinder set: What do I need in addition to that (carb, clutch, sprockets etc?) ?


So, not that much to gain from a 102, then I skip that.  I guess that for a 130/136 we are also talking about quite big change? - carb, exhaust, crankshaft etc. ?

Another thing: In addition to the 50 Special, I have just got a 1971 Vespa 50 S (completely original and very nice :) I donæt wont to do too much with this old original, but it would be nice if it went uphill as well... With this in mind, do you think the setup I have on the Special is OK - 75cc and banana?




So you just run with the original exhaust? Have you changed the main jet or done anything else?



Hi dude,



Basically with the 102 its near the setup from the 75, i recommend you to think about the over 125 ccm class like polini 130 or malossi 136.



The increasement from 75 to 102 is not that much !




Anyway, for the 102 it would be good to use a 19 SHB with 85-80 mainjet. W4AC Plug and a 3.00 gearing kit. The White Banana from pinasco or the Polini snail work really well ...








Hi dude,

Yes the change to 130/136 is big because you have to open the hole engine regarding the crank etc.


I think for your original special it will be ok with the 75 cc and a banana.

Of course if you are in 2 persons it will be also a little slowly to go uphill, but its ok, i also drive a 50cc V50 with an 75 without banana.




hi dude


yes i´ve changed the mainjet in a 68.